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Winter Knitty 2009

Knitty went up over the weekend, yay! Overall I’d certainly call this issue the best of the current year, with its high ratio of decent patterns to WTF! patterns, despite the low number of must-knit-now patterns overall.

The Good

I love Citron and everything it stands for. It’s demure, classy, sweet, and looks incredible over a little black dress with pearls. The color of the sample knit is amazing and amazing for the model; I just love it. As I transition into having a grown-up’s wardrobe, this is the direction I want to move in. I could see it knit in a neutral color and tucked into an office lady’s coat–not that I want to be an office lady, but most of the time I wouldn’t mind dressing like one.

Saviano‘s another great unisex sock pattern. I really like twisted-stitch socks; they’re the perfect amount of fiddly finework–not enough to go out of your mind with it, but the end product is satisfyingly useable. Unlike some of the other patterns in this issue, the beginning notes tell the story behind the design and naming of the pattern, which I appreciate.

Probably a knit that’s best for slim girls. Quadrat totally reminds me of this cover knit from アラン模様のウエアとこもの:

Amirite? NOT calling plagiarism, I get that ideas tend to develop independently of each other towards a similar-looking outcome. Just saying that I liked the one in アラン模様 so I might save myself the hassle of translating it from the Japanese and knit Quadrat instead. I do like the boatneck instead of the ribbed turtleneck. Perhaps at a looser gauge so that it’s not quite so stiffly boxy?

Spoke is kind of nice. Not much to say about it–it’s full of good design and I’d like to see it knit up on different people before deciding to do it myself; I like the way the circular design element and gradation of ribs in the back define the waist. I hate, hate, hate the semisolidish tonal variegation of the yarn used to knit the sample piece, and don’t particularly like the neck, but both of those things can be modded away.

The Quite All Right

I’d like to highlight Zora. While I’m not going to knit it, I like it. It’s a good shape for larger girls–the opposite of Quadrat in this issue, I think–and I appreciate that balance. It looks good on the model and especially smashing with the belt as opposed to open or with the pin, I think. Man, great photos of the sample.

Incognito is adorable and funny. I’m not going to knit one, but it’s kind of LOLarious, and who can hate on that?

Ugh, look. That is not an “unusual” rib and lace. I have seen that exact stitch pattern scads of times before; I have a knee sock on the needles right this very moment that uses it.

Seriously? You thought this was "unusual?"

That said, arch shaping is very nice and I like that heel. But don’t try to talk up your design into something it’s not, Knitty submitters; it’s annoying.

And I guess that segues us into The Ugly.

Oh my god, what? I’m sorry, I like Cat Bordhi as much as the next girl, she’s a much better knitter than I am, she comes up with great ideas for socks, but this is not one of those ideas.

This is, in fact, CRAZY FUG. I cannot get over how terribly ugly this is. Add to the fact that the pattern for the brown socks isn’t even in Knitty, and that the infinity symbol is duplicate stitched on? This pattern amounts to a rhomboid flat-knit piece with icord ties and an absolutely generic top-down plain sock. Which, all right, is great for an article or a feature or something. But passing this off as a pattern is shameful.


What on earth puts the Tokyo in Four Corners in Tokyo? The pattern notes certainly don’t tell us. Why would you want giant graduated rectangles on your front and back? Why would you want to knit a pullover with zero waist shaping and colorwork that accentuates the up-and-down-ness of the sweater? Bizarre.

Truth be told, Bitterroot probably belongs in one of the other categories. It’s not bad, and probably many people’s cups of tea; I like the beading and my personal dislike of leaf-based shawl patterns is merely my own. I just don’t understand why people don’t properly block sample knits for photos that are going to appear in something like Knitty. Look at those points, people:

That's shoddy work.

I had this gripe with the Laminaria pattern photos, too.

Good lord, really? Enourmous daisy snowflakes. Yes, that is exactly what I want going around my otherwise perfectly acceptable vest. Oh my god.

Ehhhh. There’s nothing super terribly wrong with this, except that the more I look at it, the less appealing it becomes. The model is wearing a great coat! Great gloves! Has great hair! Is super cute! But yikes, that scarf is eating her alive. With the suckers unfurled, it reminds me of macaroni art done in those tri-color pasta bits; with the suckers rolled under, it’s just a skinny scarf like the type that went out of fashion four years ago. I guess that’s my gripe with this: it is utterly, irredeemably unfashionable.


  1. I agree with all of the above. Completely. And that “Four Corners in Tokyo” pattern should be renamed to “Four Corners of Fug”. That pattern is an insult to Tokyo.

    • I’m wondering if it’s the use of Noro? Never mind that Noro is produced near fucking Nagoya. In the designer’s defense, I will say that I have seen designs at least as ugly in Japanese pattern books. But it’s still pretty damn ugly.

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