Posted by: ritsukurimono | January 9, 2010


I rather let the ball drop there over the holidays. Sorry! I went home to NY, and well, not much blogworthy happened until the last couple of days. I finished up some houndstooth-patterned Endpaper Mitts in fuschia and grey for my sister and promptly gave them away without photographing them (d’oh!), welcomed in the New Year with my boyfriend and some excellent Cointreau, worked on my Boscage Mitts pattern, and met up with Lise in NYC for a lovely bit of yarn and booze-ness. We hit up School Products (where she got a MONSTER 8000m HANK of silk! I remain excited about how she’ll use it), then Habu because they had a sale, and then Gotta Knit, which I was less enthused about. I found the proprietress kind of pushy, but I prefer more of an uninterrupted browsing experience, and the size of the shop doesn’t really allow for that. Perhaps she was only friendly? Whatever, then Lise and I went to a bar and knit and drank some quite excellent beer. A great time was had by all! The next day I came home to Boston to find a super-運命 package from the incomparable Emily/vipsania! Here’s the accumulated stash addition:

The mohair is Karabella Lace Mohair–enough, I think, to make a floaty ethereal pullover with a big damn hood. On the right is some Habu bamboo from my yarn crawl with Lise (it was on sale!) I don’t know what to make with it; it’s ridiculously dense and I have over 1800 yards of it. Anybody have any recommendations for a huge shawl? The golden silk is from a recycled sweater. I’m making Citron out of part of it, but the rest is earmarked for a another pattern as soon as I find a coordinating wool laceweight to go with it.

Habu! In the center is the eggplant tsumugi silk that I got from Emily, and to the right is the darker purple wool/stainless steel that I got by 偶然 from Habu with Lise. I’m thinking crazy scandalous backless tunic with a bustle, something perfect for the itty bitty titty committee. This combo also needs a coordinating wool laceweight to give it some memory, though. And to the right is some more charcoal tweed tsumugi that I liked very much when I got it, but now I don’t know quite how to use it. Any suggestions?

Prepwork for tomorrow: some wool and some cashmere soaking in saltwater for dyeing.

The Boscage Mitts pattern is almost ready! It’ll be the last pattern I lay out using Scribus, though, it keeps crashing on me. Incredibly frustrating. I’ll post for test knitters soon!

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