Posted by: ritsukurimono | January 17, 2010


I’ve made quite a few posts to the TYCSOL thread about my excitement over the new Megan Whalen Turner book coming out in March, A Conspiracy of Kings. Really, the Thief series (of which this is #4) is one of the best underrated book series I know of, and I pimp the series every chance I get. Her writing is just spectacular, really; her grasp of POV is effortless, she takes huge risks with her storytelling, she employs stories-within-stories, and she is the mistress of the delayed reveal. Once you finish a book for the first time, you want to immediately go back and read it again, to pick out the bits that you didn’t get the first time. I really recommend starting with the first book in the series, The Thief. (ETA: Okay, I made my boyfriend read these books, and he informs me that the second, Queen of Attolia, is much better than the Thief and that he doesn’t feel that he would have missed anything by starting there. I concede that Queen of Attolia is my favorite as well, so well, your mileage may vary as to the reading order.) Don’t read the reviews or you’ll spoil yourself. You’ll thank me later.

Anyway, I got to meet her on Saturday! I even got my copy of the Queen of Attolia signed:

[Creatures of the sea viciously guard my privacy (thanks Picnik!) My bookmark is my Candy Thief headband; I wear it often even now that fall is over. ]

She was delightful and funny and patient; as expected, she’s a very funny storyteller! She danced rhetorical circles to not spoil the rest of her series (Series! Series of six books! says my inner fangirl, a series! I remember thinking that the Thief and the Queen of Attolia were a standalone duology, and my heart hammered so fast when I saw King of Attolia at the library.) and gave several very excellent book recommendations. hanyaan

And then I went to the thrift store, and made several wooly purchases destined for the recycling bag. I’ve already attacked this:

A 70% wool 20% angora 10% nylon scarf that I split down the center for two matching ombre-dyed balls of yarn. My immediate thought is stockings, but I have so many stockings in my queue unfinished already…anyone else have any ideas?


  1. Hi Hi Hi!!! I was there too! I remember your beautiful headband! Wasn’t she great, and the books, oh lordy be, those books!

    It’s so nice to meet up with people who understand the squeefulness that is meeting mwt in person.

    • Hi! I remember you too! I’m sangoire over on LJ and on sounis, although I need to lurk less and post more. She’s delightful, isn’t she?

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