Posted by: ritsukurimono | January 20, 2010

Dorado Tacos!

I’d just like to give a quick shoutout to Dorado Tacos & Cemitas, which is a new-ish (opened this summer) Mexican place that opened in Brookline. My boyfriend and I got lunch there yesterday, which here in Boston was a grey, slushy, awful wet snow extravaganza. I’d heard about it from Cave Cibum’s blog, but never had the chance to go.

Word to the wise: DO IT.

It’s amazing. Easily the best Mexican food I’ve had in my life.

We got all three types of fish tacos that they serve, and they were all fantastic. I thought that their point of excellence (bah, English, the word I want is 得意) is a light and expert balance of flavor: the mix of rich crema sauce, tart pickled vegetables, fresh salsa, and hot beer-battered or grilled fish. Totally delicious! I thought the radishes in the Dorado taco made it especially good.

We also got the fried yucca chips with chipotle ketchup (!), which were crazy good as well. Yucca is the same thing as cassava, a dry tuberous root vegetable, and somehow the chips were just right–a little greasy, a little salty, but overall kind of light-feeling. And I’m deeply interested whether they make their own ketchup from scratch, or doctor someone else’s into greatness with the addition of some smoky chipotle.

If you happen to be in the area, I totally recommend it.


  1. Mmmmm…that sounds so good! In what area of Brookline do you live? I used to live on Harris Street (right off of Harvard Street, across from the Stop & Shop). Brookline is one of my favorite places in the world!

    • Isn’t it nice? I live roughly in the Coolidge Corner area. I’ll definitely be going back again.

  2. As owners of DORADO Tacos & Cemitas, we want to thank you for your thoughtful and detailed comments about our restaurant. We especially appreciate your accurate description of our food. It is always gratifying when a customer “gets” what we are doing. And you got it! We especially like how you described the yucca chips-a little greasy, a little salty-and appreciate those thinly sliced radishes and pickled onions. You’ve got a good eye and a good palate.
    The chipotle ketchup is made with the well-known brand of ketchup, and seasoned with chipotle adobo and other spices.
    Thanks again for sharing your enthusiasm about DORADO Tacos & Cemitas.
    Michael Brau & Doug Organ

    • Thank you for your feedback and for the excellent meal! I was pleased to see your restaurant full yesterday evening when I passed by. I’m sure I’ll eat there again soon.

      (Thanks also for answering my question; that solves a mystery.)

      Best wishes!

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