Posted by: ritsukurimono | January 30, 2010

Fruits of my dyeing labours

A couple of weeks ago I fired up the dyepot in order to send out a swap package, but I haven’t wanted to show the results until my package got there! But the USPS has delivered at last, so now that Gretchen (I see her father makes lovely shawl pins, Ohio…ians? Ohioites? should check it out!)

swap package
I was having a very blue-toned sort of day, so I dyed up some cashmere in iris purple and cerulean and merino in grape purple (such a lovely worsted weight! It’s 100% merino, but almost lustrous in a way that I’ve never seen merino behave before. I need to figure out what to do with the rest.) The chocolate is from Taza Chocolates, in Somerville; I toured their factory last month.

These used to be a sort of weak aqua color. I did make part of a third skein into a Lavalette Shawl–it was an attractive pattern and great, meditative knit, but made me look totally jaundiced. :/ The other skeins have been sitting around my stash forever, and isn’t that a terrible fate for cashmere? So the shawl went in for a teal bath, and the skeins became this rich semisolid Mediterranean blue that I’m very happy with! I think they’ll become a Geodesic Cardigan, for the LSG KAL.

Sadly, it’s looking like I’ll have to downgrade to size 2s to knit the thing using a fingering weight yarn (written for laceweight on size 6 needles!) O, the life of the loose knitter is one of misery and woe.

On the right is my Citron, done in golden silk. I’m of two minds about it (not the fault of the pattern, which is great!) but I’ll talk more about that when it gets its own FO post.

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