Posted by: ritsukurimono | February 8, 2010

Delightful Thing Monday

I went to WEBS on Saturday for the LSG 2nd anniversary meetup, and it was a lot of fun! The very kind WickedGoodYarn was kind enough to give me a ride all the way out to Noho in her car, and I got to meet archiphile on the way. It was my first time going to WEBS (“We should write a red ‘V’ in lipstick on your forehead!”) and, uh, wow. There was a lot. A lot of yarn. I think I did pretty well, sticking to my list–pictures soon, when I get them in better light. For now, instead, things that are awesome, to start off your week.

Put This On: The subtitle says, “A Web Series About Dressing Like a Grownup.” It’s actually a men’s fashion blog that’s less about what’s walking a runway in Tokyo or Milan and more about knowing how to dress like a grownup and talk with your tailor. I don’t know much about men’s clothing at all, but my boyfriend was brought up knowing these things–how to tell good cashmere, the cut of a suit, how to iron a dress shirt. It’s like a whole other world. I find it so terribly interesting, and they talk a lot about clothing quality and choosing styles that will suit you for a long time, stuff that applies to women as well.

Valentine’s Day is coming up, and my friend Emily (Hakata Bijin) took photos at a department store in Fukuoka City where you can write Valentine’s Day wishes or prayers and hang them up like at a shrine. They’re poignant, funny, and overwhelmingly cute–“World Peace!” “I wish I could meet Nishikido Ryo this year!”

Haute Macabre is another fashion blog with a sort of haute-gothy twist. The goth that shops Vivienne Westwood, not the goth that shops Hot Topic. Their stuff is generally pretty well-curated, quirky, and thoughtful. I don’t go all goth all the time, but Haute Macabre is great for inspiration or that one statement piece to elevate an entire outfit.

Speaking of Haute Macabre, they led me to this:

Oh my god. Jessica Darwin. How amazing is that?


  1. I am so friggin’ jealous that you got to go to anything LSG! I live too far away to do anything…that and I’m broke and have classes.

    So, woo-hoo for getting to go!

    • Bah location! Where do you live? I actually expected there to be more LSGers in Boston, but apparently not! More of them in the metro Boston area/western MA, though, and there were people coming from CT and the Albany area. I thought I wouldn’t be able to go either, on account of not having a car, but I was really glad to have the opportunity.

  2. It was my first time going to WEBS, too! I couldn’t ask for better company to pop my Noho yarn crawl cherry.

    • High five, fellow ex-WEBS virgin! 🙂

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