Posted by: ritsukurimono | February 13, 2010

Moulin Rouge goes a little Rocky Horror

Subtitle: Because we can can can can can!!

Yesterday, my boyfriend and I went to a midnight Moulin Rouge singalong put on by the Action Pack. It was so much fun! It was kind of Rocky Horror style, in that they passed out props to go with certain scenes and chose volunteers from the audience to compete in a can-can contest for pre-movie entertainment. (“And the winner of the contest will have an extra good time tonight, because the prize is….a bottle of absinthe!!!!” No, I did not compete.) I thought the props that they chose were really fun and well-thought out:

  • a green glowstick to wave around when the Absinthe Fairy made her appearance
  • white balloons to release during Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend
  • Poppers to set off at the end of Elephant Love Medley (♥!)
  • Little homemade rattles to keep time with Roxanne

They projected the song lyrics as subtitles, as well as certain critical lines–“SHE’S CONFESSSIIIIIIIIIIING!” It wasn’t my first time seeing the movie, but I hadn’t watched it in a year or so, and there were people there who definitely knew it a lot better than I did. I really wish I had known the songs better because I was too busy reading subtitles to pay proper attention to the El Tango de Roxanne scene on the big screen–and that shit is hot, y’all.

I love it when there’s a closeup of her feet as she turns and just stops on a dime–perfection.

The crowd was mostly a lot of fun; there were a lot of people who knew Moulin Rouge really well, so there was a lot of good energy in the theater. Sadly, we were stuck near a group of loud, obnoxious drunk people from Seattle (Seattle, I love you, but why do you turn out people like this?) and they would. not. shut. the. fuck. up. Conversing in Spanish at a normal volume in the middle of a theater is not the same thing as whispering just because it’s a foreign language, guys. And there was That One Drunk Girl, as there is always That One Drunk Girl, who yells out all the good lines too soon and responds to whispered conversations with her normal speaking voice–and for this one particular drunk girl, let me tell you, that was prodigious. Let me reenact my evening:

Friend of Drunk Girl: texts on eye-searingly bright cell phone in a dark theater Ssssthqssstbbtsssss!
Drunk Girl: What happened to him? Tell him to wait outside!
FoDG: text text Sdstgvvsssshhsssyyyssss.
DG: It doesn’t matter, we’re watching a movie! Tell him we’re watching a movie!
Ritsuka: When it is time, I will point this popper right at your head and hope it deafens you for life.

Also, another friend in their little party was so drunk he threw up in the theater. Stay classy, guys. Stay classy.

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