Posted by: ritsukurimono | March 1, 2010

Delightful Thing Monday!

And now: the return of Delightful Thing Monday!

How darling are these nesting bowls? By redhotpottery on Etsy.

Not Eating Out in New York puts together an essential arsenal of cookware. Between me and my four roommates, my kitchen nowadays is pretty well-stocked, but once we part ways at the end of our lease, I’ll need to construct a kitchen of my own. Mark Bittman also wrote a classic piece on the no-frills kitchen (furnished from Chinatown restaurant supply stores, not Williams & Sonoma) …christ, was it three years ago? Here.

Image via Tartelette
Christ, you guys, I’m only human. I just ate lunch, but these Lemon Goat Cheese Cakes with Blood Orange Sauce from Tartelette are killing me.

Etsy seller immortallongings sells fantastic Shakespeare-themed prints, journals, and bookmarks, including this rather fantastic Titus Andronicus one. (Secret: Titus Andronicus is my favorite Shakespeare play, along with the Tempest. What can I say? I’m eclectic.)

As always, Housing Day (when the freshmen get assigned their upperclassman Houses) at Harvard inspires a lot of ire (Pfuck the River!/Don’t you have a shuttle to catch?/Enjoy your cockroaches!) and creativity. But this video, created by Pforzheimer, is definitely this year’s gem:


  1. Love the photos – so pretty! Oh, how well I remember the drama of student housing. In a way it was really fun, and in a way it was absolutely horrible, haha.

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