Posted by: ritsukurimono | March 2, 2010

Youtube LOLarity

Check out the Norwegian alpine ski team performing Beat It. On top of a mountain. In the snow. The French ladies’ team replied with a Thriller dance-off. Possibly unrelatedly, the French men’s biathlon team B made a Smooth Criminal video. Michael Jackson: the secret to success in winter sports?

Following up on the “Hitler Gets His Housing Assignment video from my previous post, watch the classic 2006 video where local news mistook Housing Day shenanigans for an antiwar protest (much to future years’ merciless enjoyment.)

If you look closely, you can see someone carrying a “Pfuck the River” sign, and also of course the Leverett mascot rabbit carrying their house flag.


  1. I feel a need to reply with Curling is Effin Metal!

    • Oh god, that’s great. The curling team is so cute! And perky! and 3/4 blonde! And then, WAILING METAL. Fantastic.

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