Posted by: ritsukurimono | March 19, 2010

Petit Robert Bistro

SO and I hit up Petit Robert Bistro near Kenmore this week for Boston Restaurant Week, and sadly, it was significantly disappointing. It’s not that the food was bad exactly, but I can state with confidence that I could make every dish I ate better at home, and I’m not a particularly good cook.

The onion soup gratinée starter arrived a little too cold–it’s irritating trying to saw through an entirely solid layer of cheese over your soup with a spoon. My duck confit main was salty-dry-boring, with very little depth of flavor. Roasted potatoes should not be the best part of your dinner. That’s just sad! However, I will say that SO’s stewed lamb with garlicky navy beans was quite good; I wish I’d chosen that instead. The dessert, peach melba, used canned peaches.

Canned peaches

Not home-canned peaches, either. This crap.

Okay, that’s definitely partially on me; I don’t know what I was thinking, peaches certainly aren’t in season. But why the hell would you put a fruit dessert on the menu that only used canned fruit? Disappointing.

Also, as we were leaving, SO saw a mouse run across the dining room floor. So, you know, just FYI about that one.

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