Posted by: ritsukurimono | April 18, 2010

Gift Idea

For comic book fans and the people who love comic book fans:

This is what I got for my SO’s birthday:

It was well-received.

Alex Ross is one of the most impressive comic book artists working right now–he did Kingdom Come and Vs and a host of other titles–and his signature is sort of photorealistic comic book art in watercolors; it’s amazing. Rough Justice is a coffee table sized book of drawings from his sketchbooks.

Seeing his sketches go from rough pencil to full-on watercolor is amazing, as is the peek at his creative process. There are pages and pages of variations that he offers up to his editor for the same proposal, and failed pitches for comic titles and miniseries that never made it past the editorial stage. There are also some pretty bitchin’ designs for action figures.

Plus the back cover is this:



  1. That looks so nice! Does he focus only on DC comics? I know so many people that would love this, especially if there are Batman pictures.

    • He does stuff for both DC and Marvel, as well as for independent comics companies, I think. There’s some pretty awesome Batman stuff in here, especially one concept sketch for an armored Batman costume. Oh, and a shot of Batman reading a book in front of the Batcomputer for a literacy campaign. 🙂

      Proportionally, I think there’s more Superman stuff in there, though.

  2. That’s fantastic.

    Personally, I’d rather have a book of Frazetta’s work.

  3. Holy crap that Wonder Woman painting is incredible!

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