Posted by: ritsukurimono | April 18, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Chez Ritsuka

ROOMMATE: What should we do with the last of this heavy whipping cream?
ME: Let’s make BUTTER!

Impromptu mason jar shaking commenced!


I never did this when I was a kid, so I was really surprised by how much butter we made out of less than a pint of heavy whipping cream. It really drives home how much fat there is in there, holy crap.

Nevertheless, it’s the freshest, lightest-tasting butter I’ve ever had–we didn’t salt it or anything (didn’t pause to do so before dancing around our kitchen shaking a glass jar) and it tastes like air.

What are all of you up to on this lazy Sunday?


  1. Oh, that looks like a lot of fun!
    I might do this with the kids someday 😉
    I have made butter once at school, but we did it the old way.

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