Posted by: ritsukurimono | April 22, 2010

Delightful Thing Friday!

My sporadically reoccurring blogpost series is back with delightful things of all sorts!

  • Firstly, the fantastic P U L S H put together a presentation of tips on photographing your knits for your blog. Charming and helpful, with a lot of basic information and concepts to keep in mind. I’m particularly going to try to remember to crop my photographs to enhance the subject matter.

  • How adorable are these porcelain swallows from Otchipotchi? They’re handmade and fantastic in small groupings. I think they would make fantastic wall art or mobiles, and I’m thinking about getting a couple for my new apartment.
  • My inner typography geek is totally loving this Eshpersand Necklace from lsette.

    What more can I say about it? It’s gorgeous.
  • French Press Knits (of the fabulous French Press Felted Slippers) put together a beautiful-looking craft table on the cheap(ish) from IKEA parts here. I’m really feeling the lack of a dedicated crafting area in my current apartment (all my stuff is spread out everywhere, it’s kind of terrible) so I hope I can cobble something like this together for my new apartment.
  • And my last Delightful Thing: I have a new apartment! We’ll be moving in June. The space is smaller than my current place, but it’ll just be me and my SO and hopefully it’ll feel more like a home for both of us.

All photographs (c) their respective owners; none in this post are mine.


  1. Thank you so much for the photography link. Love it! =) Good luck with your move.

  2. Hi! I found your blog through ravelry! Love the swallows- I can imagine all sorts of ways to enhance my living space with them. I bet I could really overdo it- my house would look like a scene out of the birds!

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