Posted by: ritsukurimono | July 3, 2010

Polyvoracious: Honeybee Cardigan

Today I received a lovely RAK from Serenadragon (Rav link) — the Honeybee Cardigan by Cosmicpluto/Laura Chau. I’ve been dying to knit this for ages because it just seems like the perfect lightweight, lacy coverup for summer–perfect for protecting bare shoulders from the blast of indoor air conditioning or making that halter dress more office-appropriate.

In my excitement, I threw together a Polyvore for it–how fresh and summery does this look?

Now the only question is, what yarn should I use?
Option A: this baby blue reclaimed wool laceweight, held together with one strand of paler blue reclaimed cashmere laceweight:
Option: Baby Blue

Option B: the golden reclaimed silk on the right in this picture:
Option: Golden Silk

Option C: this royal purple merino laceweight that I bought at the LSG anniversary at WEBS:
Option: Royal Purple

The baby blue would be really snuggly, but I wonder if the pastel would make it look too twee? That doesn’t really suit my personal style. I love the color and sheen of the golden silk, and I like that it could be dressed up or dressed down and transition well into the fall. The purple reminds me the color of the sample knits for Amelia (from Knitty) and Dulce de Leche (from Twist Collective), both of which are definitely on my to-knit list. That’s a color that wlll definitely transition well into cooler weather.

Indecisive Ritsuka is indecisive! There’s going to be a flurry of swatching Chez Ritsuka when I get back to Boston (I’m in New York for the 4th of July.)

How are you guys spending the holiday, if you’re US-local, or how’s your weekend going if otherwise?


  1. Oor, hard to say. The blue is lighter than I remembered, and would be absolutely adorable for work, summer brunch, morning weddings/events… But not really good for a transition piece. You could overdye it a darker blue or more a periwinkle/lavendered tone, but again, that would be limiting.

    The gold would transition into autumn better, but it does limit the coordination options (in my world, anyway).

    The purple is beautiful, but it’s wool, which makes it a possibly a little warm for summer (I say, suffering through unseasonal heat in London).

    I vote gold.

    Have a wonderful 4th! Enjoy some typical Americana for me!

  2. That wheat color from the picture looks quite nice, for which I think the gold would probably be your best shot. Or the purple, which is also quite nice!

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