Posted by: ritsukurimono | July 4, 2010

Sew You Think You Can Sew

I have a new hobby!


This is the sewing machine I picked up at a garage sale for a song (if that song cost $20, so I suppose I got it for a high-def movie*.) It’s an older-model Kenmore machine, and works fabulously! It didn’t come with any extras or anything (and a little bizarrely, only came with the zig zag foot) but for the price, I feel that I definitely can’t complain.


Some preliminary poking-around online indicates that the model is highly regarded, so I guess I lucked out. When I get back to Boston I plan on taking it to the Davis Square Shop-Vac for a little TLC, oil, and a tuneup, which I’m sure it sorely needs.

I have a couple of projects lined up already (more on that on Tuesday, perhaps?) but suffice it to say I’m really excited.

But I’m not giving up on knitting and spinning! My Elfin Cable Cardi (courtesy of The Yarn Bearer) is almost done (just the edgings to go!) I also just finished skeining about 470 yards of handspun for its first bath. Lots of posts and pictures coming up, especially since So You Think You Can Dance is back on the air.

* iTunes price.


  1. I have a basic Kenmore that I bought 10-15 years ago, and I love it! They really don’t make sewing machines that sturdy anymore, unless you are willing to get a mortgage out on them :/

    • Yeah, this is the exchange I had at the garage sale.

      Seller: Great! I’ll help you load it into your car.
      Me: Oh, I came by T.
      Seller: *incredibly dubious look* Well, at least you’ll have a weapon if you get mugged…

      So. Heavy. Hopefully that bodes well for its durability.

  2. Hey, that’s my mom’s old Kenmore! Maybe-she got hers in the early seventies. It looks exactly like hers. She still uses it in her upholstery shop alongside her commercial machine. It’s a little workhorse. Congratulations!

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