Posted by: ritsukurimono | July 19, 2010

An ode to ginger beer (and Joseph Gordon-Levitt)

This weekend, my boyfriend and I went to go see Inception (which, aside, it was AWESOME, go SEE IT, as there is no Star Trek movie coming out this year we all have to get our doses of Vitamin GQMF from somewhere ) but afterwards we hit up Emack & Bolio’s across the street from the Regal at Landmark.

It was really, really good! I got the “Beantown Crunch” flavor, which is coffee ice cream with chocolate covered espresso beans in it. Fantastic! The thing I don’t like about most commercial coffee ice cream flavors is that there’s very little coffee flavor in them–it’s just overwhelmingly sweet and milky, like a terrible latte. Not so at Emack & Bolio’s (or at Christina’s, my other Boston ice cream love,) the coffee flavor punches through quite strongly.

(I’m told that coffee oreo ice cream is a Boston-area-specific thing; is that really true? I didn’t grow up here, but the part of New York where I come from isn’t really known for the quality of its ice cream parlors, so I just assumed that it was a nationally popular thing. It’s extraordinarily common here; J.P. Licks, one of the major ice cream chains in Boston, claims to sell more coffee oreo ice cream than vanilla. Ponder that for a minute.)

The other cool thing about Emack & Bolio’s is that they bottle their own soda, using cane syrup instead of high-fructose corn syrup.

Can you read that? Ingredients: Artesian Well Water, Pure Cane Sugar, Natural Ginger Extract, Citric Acid, CO2. Nice.

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m something of a ginger fan; I will eat it candied, pickled, shredded, grated, in a smoothie, in a cookie, or in ice cream. You could call me a connoisseur. So please take me seriously when I say that Free Tibet ginger ale is the best ginger ale I’ve had in my life; it was like a nonalcoholic ginger beer, which is exactly what a ginger ale should be. Also, it was incredibly carbonated! All the bubbles! Like a thousand tiny slaps hitting my tongue! Free Tibet is the ginger ale I’ll measure all ginger ales by from now on.

Interweave and Knitscene reviews are in the pipeline, and I’m getting my sewing machine back from its tuneup, so expect more posts soon!


  1. I absolutely love ginger! I always end up stealing everybody’s when we eat sushi, and then ordering more. I’ve been getting some candied ginger at the supermarket (the one in the spice rack with the light green lid) and it is very difficult to put down.

    • Candied ginger is awesome. I get mine from a Korean supermarket called H-Mart and take it with me whenever I’m traveling by bus, because it helps with motion sickness. I also eat it because it’s yummy.

      I came across this recipe for DIY candied ginger that I’ve been meaning to try out, but I haven’t had the time.

  2. I’m a ginger fan as well. Indonesian ginger candies are by far my favorite – lots of bite. I’ve given some to people before, forgetting that my ginger bias is stronger than most, and was horrified to see those people spit it out!

  3. Two thoughts:

    1) Ginger is amazing and absolutely saved my life during morning sickness. Testify!

    2) Joseph Gordon-Leavitt looks SO much like my brother. Which is both cool and creepy.

  4. I’m intrigued by the Free Tibet plea on the label. Tibetan autonomy happens to be one of my greatest interests. Any other info on that company?
    Also, love your writing!

    • Hi Cathy!

      Emack & Bolio is a local company that has close ties with the rock & roll scene of the 70s. They seem pretty invested in ideas of social justice, etc. You can read their origin story here, and they have a page on their involvement with Tibet here. There’s not a lot of information, but maybe if you contacted them they could tell you more.

      Thanks for reading!

  5. I used to work at Emack, and while we didn’t have coffee oreo then, we did have mint oreo (grasshopper), which I ate WAY too much of. Never heard of coffee oreo being a Boston thing, though.

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