Posted by: ritsukurimono | August 31, 2010

Somebody tell me I don’t need another pair of $110 shoes.

I’m not normally much of a shoe person–I think I have, like, ten pairs total? Thirteen if you count ballroom shoes?–but these Acrea heels from Tsubo are fabulous.

Acrea heels

It looks like they have a hidden platform in the toe box, so they won’t feel as high as they are, and I’m a sucker for that type of offset stacked heel (is there a technical name for that?). I also really like the sharp slice between the wide slingback strap and the sole, it’s sort of off-kilter and sexy. And they have rubberized soles!

Acrea soles

$110 is not that much for a high-quality shoe, but I did just get these Fluevogs (in the black/black combination), so I probably shouldn’t. Damn my financial responsibility!

[via the always-fabulous Haute Macabre]


  1. I can’t possibly be responsible for telling you not to buy such an amazingly comfortable-looking, sexy, and well-priced shoe. But I would be happy to be your enabler in purchasing them! (I’m a bit tempted myself :P)

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