Posted by: ritsukurimono | February 24, 2011

WIP Shaming Wednesday!

I’ve decided that I have way too many projects lingering in an unfinished state. I need those needles (to start other projects on! 悪循環なんだかも…(笑)) So here we go on a safari through my WIP pile, in an attempt to shame me into finishing some of them in the near future.

Maevas in Lana Grossa Meilenweit Tweed.

Like I said in my review of Knitty Deep Winter 2011, this pattern makes delightful “just-the-good-parts” anklets. They look involved, but once you set up the instep, the stitch pattern is extremely logical and made these perfect commute knitting. It’s been so long since I made socks one at a time that these seemed to go really fast. They’re actually already off the needles, with the ends woven in and everything; they’re just waiting to be tossed into a bucket of water to relax and soften up a bit. I knit these on size 0s, and they’re…literally dense enough to stand up by themselves.

Kind of hilarious, really.

I wanted really hard-wearing socks out of this tweedy, rustic yarn, and I think they will be just perfect after blocking.

(Note for people contemplating knitting the pattern: Even knitting on 0s, my row gauge was a lot taller than that indicated in the pattern. No worries; I knit chart 2a as written and cut off chart 3a at row 24. They fit great.)

Both anklets together took just a skosh over a single ball of Meilenweit Tweed. I still have almost a full ball left over. Colorwork anklets, maybe?

Boscage Cowl in reclaimed forest green cashmere.

This…was a labor of love, I can’t lie. Should I not say that, since it’s my own pattern? I wrote it for bulky yarn and size 10.5 needles, though, and this is a version using fingering weight yarn on size 3s. To top it all off, I’m not even keeping this project. It’s a gift.

But my dad asked me to knit him a scarf. What could I do? I cast on 486 stitches and started knitting.

I will cut you. No really, I will.

The extra 6 stitches are because this will be my first steeked project! (My father is, unsurprisingly, not trendy enough to wear a cowl.) I’m planning on a machine-sewn steek, but I still haven’t decided on a method for finishing the cut edge. All the steek demonstrations I can find end with the cutting step. But what happens next? I know you pick up stitches behind the steek, but…rib? stockinette? Should I fringe or not fringe? So many questions.

Undergrowth in tan reclaimed wool/camel and KP Merino Style in Dusk.

I don’t even remember the last time I knit two things from the same issue of Knitty! It’s a minor miracle.

I love how this is turning out. I started it on size 3s, but it was turning out far too large so I ripped back to the Latvian braids and switched to 2s (that I bought at WEBS for LSGversary!) It’s knitting up really prettily now. I’m totally patting myself on the back over the color choice, the fabric is spongy and luscious, and watching the hat take shape row by row is addictive. Both yarns are leftover from other projects, too, which is giving me virtuous using-up-stash bonus vapors. The Merino Style is from a pair of gauntlets I knit way back before Ravelry even existed (gasp!) and the wool/camel is the same as the tan yarn in my Anemoi Mittens.

This project is making me so happy I think everyone should knit it. How is it not blowing up on Ravelry already? It only has 39 projects at the time of writing. Outrageous.

The super-sad part is, these aren’t even all of my WIPs, just the ones that I don’t feel too ashamed for not finishing. I have a DROPS jacket that needs to be frogged lying about somewhere, a Chauntecler dress that’s 5/7ths done, and some pink knee-highs whose saggy picot cuff needs to be unpicked and a new ribby cuff knit. I have to leave something for next WIP Shaming Wednesday, I suppose.

What WIPs do you have hanging around that need to be offered to the frog-or-finish gods?


  1. Love your blog. Can’t wait for your next review!

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