Posted by: ritsukurimono | August 11, 2011

A Pinner’s Manifesto

Pinterest, we need to talk.

Look, it’s not you. You’re fantastic. You’re intuitive, and you’re elegant, and you’re full of beautiful things. It’s just that sometimes when I scroll down the Discussions page, I come across truly appalling bullshit.

Sometimes it’s slut-shaming bullshit.

Let me fix that for you.

There we go.

Sometimes it’s pro-ana bullshit.

Jesus Christ.

Sometimes it’s just asinine bullshit.

Life is too short to hate ourselves. Pin feminist things.


  1. Ugh, I’ve seen some terrible “thinspiration” on Pinterest, but that second thing you posted absolutely takes the cake….which seems like kind of an insensitive way to word that, now that I think about it. :/

    • I know! The first time I read it I just felt my face getting more and more horrified as my eyes went down the page. I must have had a full-on zombie rictus by the time I was done. I first thought that I would use that Kate Moss “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” graphic that people kept repinning a while back, but I thought this was even more appalling.

  2. You are completely awesome and I LOVE your pin. I have just repinned it. I have a board that is STOP THE THINSPO and I have got a lot of crap for it. People tell me I’m trying to censor them, or even ‘an advocate for obesity’. I hope you don’t get any of this for that pin. I will be there to back you up if you do!!!! I’m so over the ‘surrender wives’, fundo christians and diet obsessed on Pinterest.

    • Thank you! I’m sorry people are giving you crap for being anti-ana. There’s some gorgeous fitspiration on Pinterest, but the straight-up thinspo makes me really sad.

  3. I haven’t taken the time to thank you for this thought-provoking, “let’s get hold of ourselves” pin, which I repinned ages ago. Sometimes we fall back into that junior high self that laughed at all of the unfunny jokes at our own expense. Their ubiquity (for example, the Charlie Sheen roast which poked fun at his drunken, cocaine-addled waste of a life but lambasted the prostitutes he’s used and used “menopausal” as a slur against one of the other presenters) requires that we keep our heads on straight and name the socially correct scorn for women for what it is.

  4. ❤ this… just joined Pinterest and I made a "feminist stuff" board straight away, but I haven't looked around the site before. yay! taking back the boards.

    • I’m glad! Welcome to Pinterest!

  5. Last week I wrote a post about my concerns with the inspiration abounding on Pinterest. And this weekend I saw your pin there and thought, A) It’s about time and B) Why didn’t I think of that? I was wondering if you’d thought of creating some sort of badge version we could start putting on our blogs? Maybe directly below a Pinterest badge? In the same way I believe in Link With Love, I think we need to pin responsibly. Feel free to email me as I’d love to be a part of getting the word out there.

  6. I had similar concerns with Pinterest which I also wrote up in a blogpost. It’s really wonderful to find there are others out there also thinking, and writing and challenging this stuff.

  7. I originally saw this on Pintrest, pinned it and then decided to search your actual blog.
    I try so hard to make getting in shape and weight loss about eating better, working hard, and wanting to be still be flexible and nimble enough when I’m eighty to outpace the dogs I will eventually have. But when I see the ‘thinspiration’ I have to convince myself it’s the workout ‘ideas’ and not the almost skinny-minnie-ness of it all.

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