Posted by: ritsukurimono | October 31, 2011

Delightful Thing: How Ink Is Made

Take an eight-minute break from your day and check out this dreamy mini-documentary on how printing ink is made, by PrintingInkCompany on Youtube.

I love the patient, sweet, meditative quality that this video has—they really capture the joy that comes from making beautiful things. This hands-on, hard-working, involved caring reminds me of the way I feel about knitting and spinning.

(via mwrites)


  1. What a lovely video! I’d never thought about ink-making before. I loved the owner’s passion and the employees’ intense focus on their work.

    I agree that it reminds me of my knitting. When friends tell me that I can buy socks or scarves instead of making them myself, I always smile because I know that they’ve never felt the joy, and satisfaction of making and creating something by hand.

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